Dancing Dreams is committed to creating a safe environment for our families, volunteers and staff. As a result, we have developed the following plan. Please be aware that as new information becomes available, it may be necessary for us to revise this policy to reflect changes.

  • All participants, volunteers and staff are asked to monitor for fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, muscle aches, congestion. If any of the listed symptoms are present, we ask that they stay home. In addition, if anyone in a household is sick, we ask that participants, volunteers or staff stay home.
  • We ask that staff, volunteers and families advise Dancing Dreams if they have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID- 19.  Staff who have been exposed will be asked to quarantine.
  • If someone reports a positive test result, we will inform all those who may have come into contact with that person. Due to privacy issues, we will not disclose the name of anyone who has tested positive.
  • All staff, volunteers, teen Helpers, dancers and family members are asked to use hand sanitizer before entering class, after using the bathroom and/or sneezing, coughing or touching a public space.
  • All those present for class must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth.
  • All those entering the class space will have their temperature checked.
  • Classes will be held using social distancing. Each dancer will be given a socially distanced marked space within which they will stay for class.
  • Each dancer may have one guardian or family member over the age of 21 accompany them to class. To minimize exposure, only one person per dancer will be allowed into the class space. If a dancer requires assistance to participate, the family member will assist them during class. Teen Helpers will be assigned to a dancer, but will not be physically assisting dancers during class at this time.
  • Participants will be given their own set of props which they will bring to and from class. No shared props will be utilized.

Going forward, we will continue to monitor and adapt as we do our best to continue to offer classes and services in a safe and responsible manner.