Working with Dancing Dreams has caused me to discover my passions for helping others.

My leadership skills have flourished because of Dancing Dreams. I have grown to feel more comfortable taking control and helping to the best of my abilities. I have built my confidence tremendously through Dancing Dreams.

The confidence I have gained through Dancing Dreams has positively impacted my schoolwork and has caused me to reach out and volunteer for other organizations because I love the feeling of accomplishment and pure joy I get from helping others.


Any good leader should know when to step back. Working as a helper really taught me that it's okay to take a step back because, as a leader, I have to have faith in my dancer's ability to do beautifully on her own.


Dancing Dreams has inspired me so much. Not only does it make me want to be a better person, it has influenced me to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Dancing Dreams has provided me with a newfound sense of responsibility that I don't think I could have received anywhere else, an attribute essential for leaders.


This year, I've grown to become good friends with my dancer. Seeing how happy this program has made her makes me want to do more volunteer work and hopefully philanthropy in my future.


My self-confidence has improved. Instead of hiding behind others and keeping to myself in the fear of being judged for what I say or do, I embrace my own opinion and express it more freely.


Dancing Dreams has given me a better perspective on the goals I have for myself. Furthermore, I have learned that I want to work with disabled children.


From my experiences at Dancing Dreams, I have learned not to take anything for granted, and to make the most of every opportunity presented to me. Dancing Dreams constantly made me strive to become a better version of myself and to keep working and pursuing my goals. It has made me into a more compassionate and understanding individual, and these qualities have definitely shaped my outlook on my future goals and my life as a whole.

From Dancing Dreams, I have become a more understanding person. I have learned to appreciate others' differences, and this has had a tremendous impact with regard to my relationships with my family and friends. I have learned to be more patient and more compassionate with those around me, and Dancing Dreams has significantly changed my relationship with those most important to me for the better. From Dancing Dreams, I have learned how to be a better sister, daughter, friend, and person.


My family and friends see me as a better person. I have motivated my community to volunteer and join the program as well.


I feel that I have become more thoughtful and caring towards others. I'm more accepting of others for who they are.


I always knew that I liked to help people, but I always imagined it on a larger scale. Now I have learned that there is something extremely satisfying in helping someone directly, and I've realized it's something that I always want to do.

When my friends make what they think is a harmless comment regarding someone's appearance or ability, it immediately hurts me because I feel that I can so much more readily place myself in someone else's position.


I have become more sensitive and aware of issues central to Dancing Dreams (the medical challenges that our dancers have) because I am now more knowledgeable about them. I have a newfound respect for people I see out on the streets who are in wheelchairs and crutches.

Dancing Dreams encourages everyone-dancers and Helpers alike-to push past their limits and to be the best that they can be. Just to witness the improvement of the young girls, who do not let their physical challenges discourage them, has been an eye-opening experience. The fact that they can confidently get up on stage and perform in front of so many people inspires the same confidence in me.


Dancing Dreams made me realize that I love working with kids and want to be an occupational therapist!


Dancing Dreams made me realize that physical challenges are irrelevant to how great a person is. After seeing me more aware my family and friends realized they too could learn a lot from different people.


I have learned that an hour of my time makes such a difference to the dancers.


I love working with my dancer Danielle. She always has fun and I enjoy seeing her smile.


Disabilities don’t stop you from doing something; they just alter the way you do it.


The most rewarding part of volunteering is seeing your dancer become proud of herself. My dancer Monica now has confidence and continuously strives to become better.


Seeing their faces beaming with joy as they experience dance, I know that I had made an impact on their lives.


I have learned never to underestimate the power of the human spirit; it can enable us to dance even when it seems our bodies cannot.


The most rewarding part of volunteering is knowing I am helping someone achieve a seemingly unreachable dream.


Dancing Dreams has been one of the memorable activities I have done in my high school career. Watching the program grow makes me not want to let go, ever. Thank you so much for these past 5 years, Joann!